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Which of the following does not represent Boyle's law?

image (A) Graph 1 (B) Graph 2 (C) Graph 3 (D) Graphs 2 and 3

3 Answers

According to Boyle's law, PV = constant, at any constant temperature.
This is represented in Graph-1 above.
log P + log V = log K (constanT). This is represented by Graph-2.
Graph-3 is the one that does not represent Boyle's law. Hence (C) is the answer.
answered Feb 5, 2014 by balaji
Boyle's law states that $P \propto \frac{1}{V}$
So (2) and (3) graph are incorrect
$\therefore$(d) option is correct.
answered Mar 5 by priyanka.c

Answer of this question is (D).

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answered Mar 28 by mahawarravi036

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