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Find the resistance of the wire frame shaped as a cube when measured between the points 1 and 3. The resistance of each edge is R

$\begin {array} {1 1} (A)\;\large\frac{R}{9} & \quad (B)\;\large\frac{5R}{7} \\ (C)\;\large\frac{3R}{4} & \quad (D)\;\large\frac{4R}{3} \end {array}$


1 Answer

The potential diagram after identifying the equipotential points is as follows.
Here, each connections represent a resistance of R. Note here,
that the equivalent circuit forms a balanced wheatstone bridge.
On solving for the equivalent resistance, one obtains $ \large\frac{3R}{4}$
Ans : (C)
answered Feb 8, 2014 by thanvigandhi_1
edited Mar 14, 2014 by thanvigandhi_1

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