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$HNO_3$ used as a reagent has specific gravity of $1.42 mL^{-1}$ and contains $70\%$ by strength $HNO_3$. Calculate Volume of acid that contains 63g pure acid.

$(a)\;60 mL\qquad(b)\;63.38mL\qquad(c)\;65mL\qquad(d)\;70mL$

1 Answer

Strength of $HNO_3 = 70\%$
Volume of solution = 100mL
Volume of $HNO_3$ = 70mL
Specific gravity of $HNO_3 = 1.42gmL^{-1}$
Since $70\times1.42g$ of pure acid is present in 100mL
$\therefore$ 63g of pure acid present in = $\large\frac{100\times63}{70\times1.42}$
=63.38 mL
Hence answer is (b)
answered Feb 11, 2014 by sharmaaparna1

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