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Three bags contain a number of red and white balls as follows:

Bag 1:3 red balls,Bag 2:2 red balls and 1 white ball. Bag 3:3 white balls. The probability that bag i will be chosen and a ball is selected from it is $\Large \frac{i}{6}$, i=1,2,3.If a white ball is selected,what is th probability that it came from\[(i)\;Bag \;2\quad(ii)\;Bag\; 3\]
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  • \(E_1\)=selecting \(1^{st}\) bag
  • \(E_1\)=selecting\( 2^{nd}\) bag
  • \(E_1\)=selecting \(^3{rd}\) bag
  • B= \(getting\; a\;white\; ball\)
  • 1=P(E\(_2\)/B)=\(\Large\frac{{P(E_2)}{P(B/E_2)}}{{P(E_1)}{P(B/E_1)}+{P(E_2)}{P(B/E_2)}+{P(E_3)}{p(B/E_3)}}\)
  • 2=P(E\(_3\)/B)=\(\Large\frac{{P(E_3)}{P(B/E_2)}}{{P(E_1)}{P(B/E_1)}+{P(E_2)}{P(B/E_2)}+{P(E_3)}{p(B/E_3)}}\)
  • 3=P(E\(_3\)/B)=\(\Large\frac{{P(E_3)}{P(B/E_2)}}{{P(E_1)}{P(B/E_1)}+{P(E_2)}{P(B/E_2)}+{P(E_3)}{p(B/E_3)}}\)


answered Mar 2, 2013 by poojasapani_1
edited Jun 4, 2013 by poojasapani_1

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