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Light from two sources , each of same frequency and travelling in same direction. but with intensity in ratio 4:1 interface. Find ratio of maximum to minimum intensity.

$(a)\;4:1 \\ (b)\;3:1 \\ (c)\;2:1 \\ (d)\; 9:1 $

1 Answer

$\large\frac{I_{max}} {I_{min}}$$ = \bigg(\large\frac{\sqrt {I_1}+ \sqrt {I_2}}{\sqrt {I_1}- \sqrt {I_2}}\bigg)^2$
$\qquad= \bigg[\large \frac{\sqrt {\frac {I_1}{I_2}} +1}{\sqrt {\frac{I_1}{I_2}}-1}\bigg]^2$
Hence d is the correct answer.


answered Feb 13, 2014 by meena.p
edited Jul 23, 2014 by thagee.vedartham

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