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Write the first five terms of the sequence given by $a_1=-1,\:a_n=\large\frac{a_{n-1}}{n}$$\:for\:n\geq 2$

$\begin{array}{1 1}-1, \large\frac{-1}{2}, \frac{-1}{6}, \frac{-1}{12}, \frac{-1}{90} \\-1, \large\frac{-1}{2}, \frac{-1}{6}, \frac{-1}{24}, \frac{-1}{96} \\ -1, \large\frac{-1}{2}, \frac{-1}{6}, \frac{-1}{24}, \frac{-1}{48} \\-1, \large\frac{-1}{2}, \frac{-1}{6}, \frac{-1}{24}, \frac{-1}{120}\end{array} $

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Given: $a_1=-1\:\:and\:\:a_n=\large\frac{a_{n-1}}{n}$
By putting $n=2,3,.......$ we get the first 5 terms as
answered Feb 18, 2014 by rvidyagovindarajan_1

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