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An evacuated glass vessel weighs 50.0g when empty 148.0 g when filled with a liquid of density $0.98gmL^{-1}$ and 50.5g when filled with an ideal gas at 760mm Hg of 300K.Determine the molecular weight of the gas.


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Weight of Liquid = 148 - 50 = 98g
Volume of liquid = $\large\frac{98}{0.98}$ = 100mL = Volume of vessel
Thus a vessel of 100mL contains ideal gas at 760mm of Hg at 300K
Weight of gas = 50.5 - 50 = 0.5g
Using PV = nRT
$\large\frac{760}{760}\times\large\frac{100}{1000} = \large\frac{0.5}{m}\times0.0821\times300$
$\therefore$ Molecular weight of gas (m) = 123
Hence answer is (b)
answered Feb 20, 2014 by sharmaaparna1

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