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Arrange the following compounds in order of increasing dipole moment:- Toluene (I) ; m-dichorobenzene (II) ;o-dichlorobenzene (III) ; p- dichlorobenzene.(IV)

$ (a)\;I < IV < II < III \\ (b)\;IV < I < II < III \\ (c)\;IV < I < III < II \\ (d)\;IV < II < I < III $

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1 Answer

The dipole moment of p-dichlorbenzene is zero as the dipole moment due to the two cl atom o- and m-dichlorobenzene have higher dipole moment than toluene.
Again o-dichlorbenzene has higher dipole moment than m-dichlorobenzene.
Hence the increasing order is p-dichlorbenzene < toluene < m- dichlorbenzene
Hence b is the correct answer
answered Feb 24, 2014 by meena.p

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