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Binding energy per nucleon vs mass no . Curve for nuclei is shown in figure. W,X,Y,Z are four nuclei indicated on curve . The process that would release energy is

$(a)\;Y \to 2Z\qquad(b)\;W \to X+Z \qquad(c)\;W \to 2Y\qquad(d)\;X \to Y+Z$

1 Answer

Answer : (c) $\;W\to2Y$
Explanation : If it mass A
$Y \to 2Z$
Reactant :
$R=60 \times 8.5 =10 MeV$
Product :
$P=2 \times30 \times5=300 MeV$
$\bigtriangleup \varepsilon =-210 MeV$
Therefore ,Endothermic
if it was B
$W \to X+Z$
$R=120 \times 7.5 =900 MeV$
$P=90 \times 8 +30 \times5 =870 MeV$
$\bigtriangleup \varepsilon =-30 MeV$
Therefore ,Endothermic
it was C
$W \to 2Y$
$R=120 \times 7.5=900 MeV$
$P=2\times60\times8.5=1020 MeV$
$\bigtriangleup \varepsilon =120 MeV$
Therefore ,Exothermic
if it was D
$X \to Y+Z$
$R=90 \times 8= 720MeV $
$P=60 \times 8.5 +30 \times 5 =660 MeV$
$\bigtriangleup \varepsilon =-60 MeV$
Therefore , Endothemic
answered Feb 24, 2014 by yamini.v

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