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The heat evolved in combustion of benzene is given by the following equation: $C_6H_6 + \frac{15}{2} \rightarrow 3H_2O + 6CO_2$; $\Delta H= - 3264.6 kJ$ Which of the following quantities of heat will be evolved when 39 g of benzene are burnt in an open container?

(a) -816.15 kJ
(b) -1632.3 kJ
(c) -6528.2 kJ
(d) -2848.45 kJ
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1 Answer

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Answer : -1632.3 kJ
$C_6H_6 + \frac{15}{2} \rightarrow 3H_2O + 6CO_2$; $\Delta H= - 3264.6 kJ$
78 gm of $C_6H_6$, Benzene on combustion produces heat = -3264.6 kJ
$\therefore$ 39 gm will produce = - \frac{3264.6}{2} = -1632.3 kJ
answered Feb 24, 2014 by mosymeow_1

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