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Only two isometric monochloro derivatives are possible for : (i) n-butane (ii) 2,4 -dimethylpentane (iii) benzene (iv) 2- methylpropane

$ (a)\;(i) and (iii) \\ (b)\;(i) and (iv) \\ (c)\;(ii) and (iv) \\ (d)\;(iii) and (iv) $
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1 Answer

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In case of n-butane $(CH_3 -CH_2-CH_2-CH_3)$ are two isomers will be obtained depending on whether $cl$ atom adds on to carbon-2 or carbon -1
In (ii)
we will get three isomers with $cl$ group at either of the $-CH_3$ groups, second carbon atom and third carbon atom.
In case of (iii) benzene only one derivative is obtained .
In (iv)
We will get two isomers with $Cl$ atom at either one of the $-CH_3$ groups or on the central c-atom.
Hence b is the correct answer.
answered Feb 25, 2014 by meena.p

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