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The densities of NaCl crystal as measured by Spectrometer and X - ray method are $2.165\times10^3 kgm^{-3}$ and $2.178\times10^3 kgm^{-3}$, respectively . The fraction of unoccupied sites in sodium chloride crystal is


1 Answer

Difference in density of NaCl crystal, in the two methods of measurement= $2.178\times10^3 - 2.165\times10^3 =0.013\times10^3$
Fraction of Vacant sites in the crystal = $\large\frac{0.013\times10^3}{2.178\times10^3}$$ =5.96\times10^{-3}$
Hence answer is (a)
answered Feb 27, 2014 by sharmaaparna1
edited Mar 25, 2014 by mosymeow_1

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