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Cooking is fast in a pressure cooker because

(a) food particles are effectively mashed
(b) water boils at higher temperature inside the pressure cooker
(c) food is cooked at constant volume
(d) loss of heat due to radiation is minimum

2 Answers

  • Pressure cookers heat food quickly because the internal steam pressure from the boiling liquid causes saturated steam to bombard and permeate the food. Thus, higher temperature water vapour (i.e., increased energy), which transfers heat more rapidly compared to dry air, cooks food very quickly.
Answer: water boils at higher temperature inside the pressure cooker
Food is cooked faster at higher temperature in a pressure cooker as water boils at a higher temperature inside the pressure cooker.
In a normal cooking environment when moisture (water) rises to 212 degrees it turns to steam and leaves the cooking pot or pan. In a sealed pressure cooker pot however the steam cannot escape and so it remains inside the pot causing the pressure to build. That steam can further increase in heat pushing well past the boiling temperature.
As you might expect when the temperature increases inside the pot foods tend to cook faster.
But that is not all, in addition to the temperature being raised the high pressure forces a lot of moisture directly into the food that is being cooked. This also help the food cook faster, tenderize, and moisten quite effectively.
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