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Two coins eash weighing 10 g are heated to 473 K and dropped into two identical vessels A and B, each containing 500 g of water at 298 K. The coin dropped in vessel A is made up of aluminium and the coin dropped into vessel B is amde up of silver. The rise in temperature of water in container

(a) A and B will be same
(b) A will be more than B
(c) A will be less than B
(d) given data is not complete

1 Answer

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Answer: A will be more than B
Atomic mass of Al(27) is less than the atomic mass of Ag(108). As both of these are typical metals according to Dunlog's and Petit's rule, a metal with higher atomic mass has lesser specific heat. Therefore, specific heat of Ag will be less than that of Al. herefore, the temperature of water in vessel A will be more than that in vessel B.
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