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Naimish, a food supplier from Amritsar supplies three food products x, y and z to Shimla and Guwahati. His annual sale is given below: (a) If unit sale prices of x, y and z are Rs. 3.00, Rs. 2.50 and 1.00. Find the total revenue obtained from supply to Shimla and Guwahati. Which market generate more revenue? (b) If the unit costs of the above three food products are Rs. 2.00, Rs. 1.00 and Rs. 0.50 respectively, find the gross profit. Which supply has more profit? (C) In which direction from Delhi, Shimla and Guwahati lies. Which economic mode of transport do you suggest to your friend travelling to Shimla and Guwahati?

Market Products
x y z
10000 14000 18000
8000 20000 6000


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