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Which of the following statement about carbon fibres are correct ? 1. They can be made from viscose rayon 2. They can used for making more tips of missile. 3. They have low internal conductivity and used as insulators. 4. They are used for making compounds of bone plates.

$(a)\;1\;and\;2 \\ (b)\; 2\;and\;3 \\(c)\;1,2\;and\;4 \\ (d)\;1,2\;and\;3 $

1 Answer

Carbon fibrres can be formed in a number of ways from a variety of starting materials such as viscore rayon, polyacry lonitrile, pitch, resins,etc.
They have been employed in the more tips and head shields of missiles.
In then field of biology, these are used in components of bone leave plates, hip joint prostheses, etc.
Hence c is the correct answer.
answered Mar 7, 2014 by meena.p