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Among the following polymers the intermolecular forces are weaker in

$\begin {array} {1 1} (a)\;Nylon & \quad (b)\;PVC \\ (c)\;Celulose & \quad (d)\;Natural\: rubber \end {array}$

1 Answer

Elastomers: The polymers that have elastic character like rubber (a material that can return to its original shape after stretching is said to be elastic) are called elastomers. In elastomers the polymers chains are held together by weak intermolecular forces. Because of the presence of weak forces, the polymers can be easily stretched by applying small stress and regains their original shape when the stress is removed. The most important example of elastomers is natural rubber.
Ans : (d)
answered Mar 12, 2014 by thanvigandhi_1