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True-or-False: Position vector of a point P is a vector whose initial point is origin.

1 Answer

  • If $P(x,y,z)$ be a print in space w.r. t orgin $(0,0,0)$, then the vector $\overrightarrow {op} $ having $O$ as initial and $P$ as terminal print is called position vector of $P$
Position vector of a point $P$ is a vector where initial point is orgin.
Here $O$ is the origin whose coordinates are $(0,0,0)$ and $P$ is the terminal point $(x,y,z)$. Then position vector of $OP$ is $x \hat i+y \hat j+z \hat k$
Hence it is a $True$ statment.
answered Jun 3, 2013 by meena.p

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