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$\begin{array}{1 1}\text{Statement-1:1-Butane on reaction with HBr in the presence of a peroxide produces 1-bromobutane.}\\\text{Statement-2:It involves the formation of a primary radical}\end{array}$

$\begin{array}{1 1}(a)\;\text{Statement-1 is true;Statement-2 is true;Statement-2 is a correct explanation for statement-1}\\(b)\; \text{Statement-1 is true;Statement-2 is true;Statement-2 is not a correct explanation for statement-1}\\(c)\;\text{Statement-1 is true;Statement-2 is false}\\(d)\;\text{Statement-1 is false;Statement-2 is true}\end{array}$

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In presence of peroxide,HBr adds on to an alkene via free radical mechanism.$2^o$ free radical is more stable than $1^o$ free radical .The product obtained is anti-Markownikoff's rule
$CH_3CH_2CHBrCH_2(\text{less stable})\quad\underleftarrow{Br}\quad CH_3CH_2CH=CH_2\quad\underrightarrow {Br}\quad CH_3CH_2CHCH_2Br(\text{more stable})$
Hence (c) is the correct option.
answered Mar 18, 2014 by sreemathi.v

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