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The pulverization of ores is done during

$ (a)\;\text{Crushing and Grinding of ore} \\(b)\;\text {Handpicking of the metal ore} \\(c)\;\text{By applying the Magnetic field.} \\ (d)\;\text{None} $ .

1 Answer

Solution :
Crushing and pulverizing are processes in ore dressing needed to reduce valuable ores to the fine size at which the value less gangue can be separated from the ore. These processes are also used to reduce cement rock to the fine powder required for burning, to reduce cement clinker to the very fine size of Portland cement, to reduce coal to the size suitable for burning in pulverized form, and to prepare bulk materials for handling in many processes.
Hence ans. (a)
answered Mar 20, 2014 by meena.p
edited Apr 1 by sharmaaparna1

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