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A gene for hyaluronic acid production is inserted in the ampicillin resistance region of pBR322 plasmid. The recombinant colonies will be ___ resistant while the non-recombinant transformed cells are __ resistant

( a ) ampicillin,tetracyclin
( b ) tetracyclin,tetracyclin and ampicillin
( c ) tetracyclin and ampicillin ,tetracyclin
( d ) tetracyclin,ampicillin

1 Answer

(B) is the right answer.

Due to insertional inactivation, the DNA of interest in inserted within the ampicillin resistance region, hence loses its resistance to ampicillin and it can be only tetracyclin resistant whereas the plasmid in which there is no gene of interest is resistant to both of the antibiotics
answered Mar 24, 2014 by pady_1

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