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Which of the following is true about RNAi techonology : a. strategy for gene silencing b. based on complementarity of the nucleotides c.inhibition occurs at the transcription level d. Inhibition occus at translation level e. occurs as a natural defense mechanism in prokaryotes

( a ) a,b,c,d
( b ) a,b,d
( c ) a,c,e
( d ) all of the above

1 Answer

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RNAi takes place in all eukaryotic organisms as a method of cellular defense. This method involves silencing of a specific mRNA due to complementary dsRNA molecule that binds to and prevent translation of the mRNA (silencing). The source of this complementary RNA could be from an infection by viruses having RNA genomes or mobile genetic elements that replicate via an RNA intermediate.
answered Dec 27, 2016 by suganyadevi.p