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The following is the test-tube contaning DNA from Meeselson and Stahl experiment. Find out what a,b and c could be:

( a ) b-$N_{14}-N_{14},c-N_{14}-N_{15}, a-N_{15}-N_{15}$
( b ) a-$N_{14}-N_{14},b-N_{14}-N_{15}, c-N_{15}-N_{15}$
( c ) b-$N_{14}-N_{14},a-N_{14}-N_{15}, c-N_{15}-N_{15}$
( d ) c-$N_{14}-N_{14},b-N_{14}-N_{15}, a-N_{15}-N_{15}$

1 Answer

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Ans: B : a-$N_{14}-N_{14},b-N_{14}-N_{15}, c-N_{15}-N_{15}$
answered Dec 27, 2016 by suganyadevi.p
edited Dec 27, 2016 by suganyadevi.p

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