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If $ R = \{ (x, y) : x + 2y =8$ is a relation on N. Write the range of R

$(a)\;{1,0,3}\qquad(b)\;{1 , 2, 3}\qquad(c)\;{{4,2,1}}\qquad(d)\;{5,4,7}$

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1 Answer

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Given $ R = \{ (x,y) : x+2y=8 \}$
Given that the relation is on N
$ y = 8-\large\frac{x}{2}$
When x=1, y = \large\frac{7}{2}$ which is not
When $x=2, y=3$
When $x=3, y=\large\frac{7}{2}$ which is not
When $x=4, y=2$
When $x=5, y=\large\frac{3}{2}$ which is not
When $x=6, y=1$
$ \therefore (2,3), (4,2), (6,1)$
Hence the range is $\{ 1,2,3 \}$
answered Apr 14, 2014 by thanvigandhi_1
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