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Three closed vessels A , B and C are at the same temperature T and contain gases which obey maxwellian distibution of velocities . Vessel A contains only $\;O_{2}\;$ . B only $\;N_{2}\;$ and C a mixture of equal quantities of $\;O_{2}\;$ and $\;N_{2}\;$ . If the average speed of $\;O_{2}\;$ molecules in vessel A is $\;V_{1}\;$ , that of $\;N_{2}\;$ molecules in vessel B is $\;V_{2}\;$ the average speed of the $\;O_{2}\;$ molecules in vessel C will be


1 Answer

Answer : $\;V_{1}$
Explanation :
So the answer is $\;V_{1}\;$
answered Mar 27, 2014 by yamini.v

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