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A 20g chunk of dry ice is placed in an empty 0.75 litre wine bottle tightly closed . What would be the final pressure in the bottle after all $CO_2$ has been evaporated and temperature reaches to $25^{\large\circ}C$

$(a)\;1.48 \;atm\qquad(b)\;0.148\;atm\qquad(c)\;15.828\;atm\qquad(d)\;None\;of\;these$

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1 Answer

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w = 20g dry $CO_2$ which will evaporate to develop P
m = 44
V = 0.75 litre
P = ?
T = 298 K
PV = $\large\frac{w}{m} RT$
$P\times 0.75 = \large\frac{20}{44}\times0.0821\times298$
$\Rightarrow$ P = 14.828 atm
Pressure inside bottle = P + atm. pressure
$\Rightarrow$ 14.828 + 1 = 15.828 atm
Hence answer is (C)
answered Mar 29, 2014 by sharmaaparna1

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