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Two Containers P and Q of equal volume (1 litre each) contain 6g of $O_2$ and $SO_2$ respectively at $300\;k$ and 1 atmosphere then,

$(a)\;\text{number of molecules in P and Q are same } \\ (b)\;\text{number of molecules in P is less than that in Q } \\(c)\;\text{number of molecules in Q is less than that in P } \\(d)\;\text { none of the abone}$

1 Answer

mol of $O_2=\large\frac{6}{32}$
$\therefore $ No of molecules in $\large\frac{6}{32}$ moles of $O_2=\large\frac{6}{32} $$\times 6.022 \times 10^{23}$
Mol of $SO_2=\large\frac{6}{64} $ and number of molecules of
$SO_2=\large\frac{6}{64} $$\times 6.022 \times 10^{23}$
Thus number of molecules of $SO_2$ will be less than that of $O_2$
Hence c is the correct answer.
answered Mar 31, 2014 by meena.p
What is use of 300 k and 1 atmosphere

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