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In which of the following the hybrid orbitals of the central atom have the same s-characters ? $(i)\;CH_4 \qquad (ii)\; Ni(CO) \qquad (iii)\;SF_4 \qquad (iv) [Ni(CN)_4]^{2-} $

$(a)\;\text{(i),(ii) and (iii) } \\ (b)\;\text{(i),(ii) and (iv)} \\(c)\;\text{(i),(iii) and (iv) } \\(d)\;\text{(ii),(iii) and (iv)} $

1 Answer

Hybrid orbitals have same s- character if the type of hybridisation is same .
In $ CH_4,Ni(CO)_4,[Ni (CN)_4 ]^{2-}$ the central atom in each case in $SP^3$ hybridised .
As such hybrid orbitals in each case has some s- character.
In $SF_4,S$ is $SP^3d$ hybridised.
Hence b is the correct answer.
answered Apr 2, 2014 by meena.p

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