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Match the following and choose the most appropriate option: (each option on both columns can be matched to multiple option on the another side ie right or left) eg. A-1,2 ; B,C,D-3 ; A,B,C-3,4

A. Phycomycetes 1. decomposers of litter
B. Ascomycetes 2. soil, on logs and tree stumps
C. Basidiomycetes 3. coprophilous
D. Deuteromycetes 4. decaying wood in moist and damp places
E. as parasites in living plant bodies 5. rusts and smuts
6. aquatic habitats

( A ) A-4; B-6; C-2; D-1; E-5
( B ) A-2,6; B-4; C-3; D-5; E-1
( C ) A-4,6; B-3; C-2,5; D-1; E-5
( D ) A-2; B-3; C-4,6; D-1; E-5

1 Answer

(C) is the right answer.

Phycomycetes - Members of phycomycetes are found in aquatic habitats and on decaying wood in moist and damp places or as obligate parasites on plants. Ascomycetes - ....... saprophytic, decomposers, parasitic or coprophilous (growing on dung). Basidiomycetes - They grow in soil, on logs and tree stumps and in living plant bodies as parasites, e.g., rusts and smuts. Deuteromycetes - decomposers of litter
answered Apr 2, 2014 by pady_1

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