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Match the following and choose the most appropriate option: (each option on both columns can be matched to multiple option on the another side ie right or left) eg. A-1,2 ; B,C,D-3 ; A,B,C-3,4

A. Numerical Taxonomy 1.chemical constituents of plant
B. Cytotaxonomy 2. Number and codes are assigned to all the characters
C. chemotaxonomy 3.carried out using computers
4.chromosome number
5. chromosome behaviour
6. resolve confusions
7. used by taxonomists nowadays

( A ) A-2,4,7; B-5,6; C-1,3,7
( B ) A-2,3,7; B-4,5,7; C-1,6,7
( C ) A-2,3,4; B-5,7; C-1,6,7
( D ) A-2,3,4; B-5,6; C-1,7

1 Answer

(B) is the right answer.

Numerical Taxonomy which is now easily carried out using computers is based on all observable characteristics. Number and codes are assigned to all the characters and the data are then processed. In this way each character is given equal importance and at the same time hundreds of characters can be considered. Cytotaxonomy (also Karyotaxonomy) that is based on cytological information like chromosome number, structure, behaviour and chemotaxonomy that uses the chemical constituents of the plant to resolve confusions, are also used by taxonomists these days.
answered Apr 2, 2014 by pady_1

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