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Regarding life cycle of a moss : Match the following and choose the most appropriate option:

A. leafy stage 1. creeping
B. protonema stage 2. branched
3. green
4. upright
5. frequently filamentous stage
6. bears spirally arranged leaves
7. bears the *** organs
8. slender axes
9. multicellular and branched rhizoids

( A ) A-3,4,7,8,9; B-1,2,3,6
( B ) A-3,4,6,7,8; B-1,2,4,9
( C ) A-4,6,8,9; B-1,2,3,7
( D ) A-4,6,7,8,9; B-1,2,3,5

1 Answer

(D) is the right answer.

The predominant stage of the life cycle of a moss is the gametophyte which consists of two stages. The first stage is the protonema stage, which develops directly from a spore. It is a creeping, green, branched and frequently filamentous stage. The second stage is the leafy stage, which develops from the secondary protonema as a lateral bud. They consist of upright, slender axes bearing spirally arranged leaves. They are attached to the soil through multicellular and branched rhizoids. This stage bears the *** organs.
answered Apr 2, 2014 by pady_1

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