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Regarding leaves in pteridophyta : Match the following and choose the most appropriate option:

A. macrophylls 1. ferns
B. microphylls 2. Equisetum
C. sporophylls 3. Selaginella
D. strobili

( A ) A-3; B-1; D-2
( B ) A-1; B-3; D-2,3
( C ) A-3; B-1; C-2,3
( D ) A-1; B-3; C-2; D-3

1 Answer

(B) is the right answer.

The leaves in pteridophyta are small (microphylls) as in Selaginella or large (macrophylls) as in ferns. The sporophytes bear sporangia that are subtended by leaf-like appendages called sporophylls. In some cases sporophylls may form distinct compact structures called strobili or cones (Selaginella, Equisetum).
answered Apr 2, 2014 by pady_1