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Regarding reproduction in pteridophytes : Match the following and choose the most appropriate option:

A. homosporous 1. Selaginella
B. heterosporous 2. Salvinia
3. two kinds of spores
4. similar kinds of spores

( A ) A-4; B-1,2,3
( B ) A-1,4; B-2,3
( C ) A-1,3; B-2,4
( D ) A-2,4; B-1,3

1 Answer

(A) is the right answer.

In majority of the pteridophytes all the spores are of similar kinds; such plants are called homosporous. Genera like Selaginella and Salvinia which produce two kinds of spores, macro (large) and micro (small) spores, are known as heterosporous
answered Apr 2, 2014 by pady_1

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