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Regarding life cycle of plants : Match the following and choose the most appropriate option:

A. Haplontic life cycle 1. Angiosperms
B. Diplontic life cycle 2. Bryophytes
C. Haplo-diplontic life cycle - gametophyte is dominant 3. kelps
D. Haplo-diplontic life cycle - sporophyte is dominant 4. Ectocarpus
E. Haplo-diplontic life cycle 5. Fucus,an alga
6. Gymnosperms
7. some species of Chlamydomonas
8. Polysiphonia
9. Pteridophytes
10. Spirogyra
11. Volvox

( A ) A-4,7,11; B-1,5,6; C-9; D-2; E-3,8,10
( B ) A-7,5,11; B-1,6; C-2; D-9; E-3,4,8
( C ) A-7,8,11; B-1,5,6; C-9; D-2; E-3,4,10
( D ) A-7,10,11; B-1,5,6; C-2; D-9; E-3,4,8

1 Answer

(D) is the right answer.

1. haplontic life cycle : Eg. Many algae such as Volvox, Spirogyra and some species of Chlamydomonas. While most algal genera are haplontic, some of them such as Ectocarpus, Polysiphonia, kelps are haplo-diplontic. Fucus, an alga is diplontic. 2. diplontic life cycle : Eg. All seed-bearing plants i.e. gymnosperms and angiosperms 3. Haplo-diplontic life cycle : Bryophytes and pteridophytes exhibit an intermediate condition; both phases are multicellular.But they differ in their dominant phases. Bryophytes - haploid gametophyte is dominant, independent, photosynthetic, thalloid or erect; pteridophytes - diploid sporophyte is dominant, independent, photosynthetic, vascular plant body
answered Apr 2, 2014 by pady_1

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