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Class – Aves : Match the following and choose the most appropriate option:

A. Parrot 1. Neophron
B. Peacock 2. Columba
C. Pigeon 3. Pavo
D. Penguin 4. Psittacula
E. Vulture 5. Struthio
F. Ostrich 6. Aptenodytes

( A ) A-4; B-3; C-2; D-6; E-1; F-5
( B ) A-4; B-3; C-1; D-2; E-5; F-6
( C ) A-3; B-2; C-4; D-6; E-5; F-1
( D ) A-4; B-2; C-3; D-6; E-1; F-5
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1 Answer

(A) is the right answer.

Class – Aves : Examples : Columba (Pigeon), Psittacula (Parrot), Struthio (Ostrich), Pavo (Peacock), Aptenodytes (Penguin), Neophron (Vulture).
answered Apr 2, 2014 by pady_1