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Regarding reproductive events in humans : Match the following and choose the most appropriate option:

A.fertilisation 1. embryonic development
B. gametogenesis 2. transfer of sperms into the female genital tract
C. gestation 3. formation & development of blastocyst & its attachment to uterine wall
D. implantation 4. delivery of the baby
E. insemination 5. formation of zygote
F. parturition 6. formation of gametes
7. fusion of male and female gametes

( A ) A-2,7; B-6; C-1; D-5; E-3; F-4
( B ) A-2,5; B-6; C-1; D-3; E-7; F-4
( C ) A-5,7; B-6; C-1; D-3; E-2; F-4
( D ) A-7; B-6; C-1; D-2; E-5; F-4

1 Answer

(C) is the right answer.

The reproductive events in humans include formation of gametes (gametogenesis), i.e., sperms in males and ovum in females, transfer of sperms into the female genital tract (insemination) and fusion of male and female gametes (fertilisation) leading to formation of zygote. This is followed by formation and development of blastocyst and its attachment to the uterine wall (implantation), embryonic development (gestation) and delivery of the baby (parturition).
answered Apr 2, 2014 by pady_1
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