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Regarding time frame for embryonal & fetal development : Match the following & choose the most appropriate option:

<> Blood Group Antigens on RBCs Antibodies in Plasma A. A (i) nil 1. nil B. B   (ii) A 2. anti-A C. AB (iii) B 3. anti-B D. O
( A ) A-6; B-7; C-8; D-4,9; E-1,3,5; F-10
( B ) A-6; B-4; C-7; D-8; E-1,3,10; F-2,5
( C ) A-6; B-7; C-3,4; D-9; E-1,5; F-8,10
( D ) A-6; B-7; C-8,10; D-4,9; E-1,3,5; F-2

1 Answer

(D) is the right answer.

The human pregnancy lasts 9 months. In human beings, after one month of pregnancy, the embryo’s heart is formed. The first sign of growing foetus may be noticed by listening to the heart sound carefully through the stethoscope. By the end of the second month of pregnancy, the foetus develops limbs and digits. By the end of 12 weeks (first trimester), most of the major organ systems are formed, for example, the limbs and external genital organs are welldeveloped. The first movements of the foetus and appearance of hair on the head are usually observed during the fifth month. By the end of 24 weeks (second trimester), the body is covered with fine hair, eye-lids separate, and eyelashes are formed. By the end of nine months of pregnancy, the foetus is fully developed and is ready for delivery.
answered Apr 2, 2014 by pady_1