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Which plasmid vector has polycloning site consists of a tandem array of unique cleavage sites for 13 restriction enzymes: HindIIl, Spill, Pstl, SaiL Acd, HitlelI, Xiln!, BmnHI, Sma!, Xmal, Kpl1I, Sad, and EcoRl ?

( A ) pUC 18
( B ) pBR322
( C ) pUC 19
( D ) pSC101

1 Answer

Ans: ( B ) pBR322
pBR322 is a plasmid and was one of the first widely used E. coli cloning vectors. Created in 1977 in the laboratory of Herbert Boyer at the University of California, San Francisco, it was named after the postdoctoral researchers who constructed it. The p stands for "plasmid," and BR for "Bolivar" and "Rodriguez." pBR322 is 4361 base pairs in lengthand has two antibiotic resistance genes – the gene bla encoding the ampicillin resistance (AmpR) protein, and the gene tetA encoding the tetracycline resistance (TetR) protein. It contains the origin of replication of pMB1, and the rop gene, which encodes a restrictor of plasmid copy number. The plasmid has unique restriction sites for more than forty restriction enzymes. Eleven of these forty sites lie within the TetR gene. There are two sites for restriction enzymes HindIII and ClaI within the promoter
answered Jan 9, 2017 by suganyadevi.p
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