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$N_2$ and $O_2$ are converted into monoanions $N_2^{-}$ and $O_2^{-}$ respectively which of the following statem is wrong ?

$(A)\;\text{$N_2^{-},N-N$ bond weakens} \\ (B)\;\text{In $O_2^{-},O-O$ bond order increases} \\(C)\;\text{In $O_2^{-},O-O$ bond order decreases} \\(D)\;\text{$N_2^{-}$ becomes pagamagnetic} $

1 Answer

$B.O$ in $N_2= \large\frac{(10-4)}{2}$$=3.0$
$B.O$ in $N_2^{-}= \large\frac{(10-5)}{2}$$=2.5$
$B.O$ in $O_2= \large\frac{(10-6)}{2}$$=2.0$
$B.O$ in $O_2= \large\frac{(10-7)}{2}$$=1.5$
Hence B is the correct answer.
answered Apr 4, 2014 by meena.p

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