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When a sperm enters the egg of a frog

( A ) First Polar Body is formed
( B ) Fertilization is completed
( C ) First Meiotic Division occurs
( D ) Second Meiotic Division occurs
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Ans: (D) ( D ) Second Meiotic Division occurs
Sequence of events after fertilization are:
* Meiosis II is completed
* Cytoplasm of the egg rotates about 30 degree relative to the poles
* This appears as a light coloured band called gray crescent.
* Gray crescent form opposite the point where the sperm entered. It tells the future pattern of the aninal namely its dorsal, ventral, anterior, posterior, right & left sides.
* Haploid sperm and egg fuse to form diploid zygote nucleus.
answered Nov 17, 2016 by suganyadevi.p

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