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Which one of the following pairs of structures is correctly matched with their correct description?

$\begin{array} {ll} \textbf { Structures} &\textbf { Description} \\ \text{1. Tibia and Fibula}& \text{Both are parts of Knee Joint}\\ \text{2. Cartilage and Cornea}& \text{No Blood supply but require oxygen for respiratory need}\\ \text{3. Shoulder and Elbow Joint}& \text{Ball and Socket Joints}\\ \text{4. Premolars and Molars} &\text{20 in all, 3 rooted} \end{array} $

( A ) 1. Tibia and Fibula
( B ) 4. Premolars and Molars
( C ) 2. Cartilage and Cornea
( D ) 3. Shoulder and Elbow Joint

1 Answer

Nutrition from aqueous humour, lacrymal glands provide oxygen to cornea and for cartilage the synovial fluid.
answered Dec 27, 2016 by suganyadevi.p

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