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Regarding Types of pollination : Match the following and choose the most appropriate option: (each option on 3 columns can be matched to multiple options on the another 2 columns) eg. A-(iv)-3,5; B-(i); C-(iii)-2; D-(ii),(vi),(vii)-1; (iii),(v)-6;

Types EVENT : pollen grains from anther to result pollen grains and stigma
A. Cleistogamy (i) stigma of flower of different plant 1. genetically same
B. Geitonogamy (ii) stigma of same flower 2. genetically different
C. Xenogamy (iii) stigma of another flower of same plant

( A ) A-(ii)-1; B-(iii)-1; C-(i)-2
( B ) A-(iii)-1; B-(ii)-1; C-(i)-2
( C ) A-(iii)-2; B-(ii)-1; C-(i)-2
( D ) A-(ii)-2; B-(iii)-1; C-(i)-2

1 Answer

A becos getonogamy is genetical self pollination but functionally cross pollination
answered Mar 31, 2016 by thakurnavdeep2

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