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The intermolecular forces vanishes among water molecules , then volume occupied by 1.8 g $H_2O(l)$ at STP is

$(a)\;2.24 l\qquad(b)\;22.4 l\qquad(c)\;1.8 mL\qquad(d)\;2.24mL$

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1 Answer

Weight of water = 1.8 g
or mole of water = $\large\frac{1.8}{18}$ = 0.1
If intermolecular forces are dissappeared 0.1 mole $H_2O(l)$ is converted to 0.1 mole water vapour .
$\therefore Volume\; of \;H_2O_{(V)}$ at STP
$= 22.4\times0.1 = 2.24 l$
Hence answer is (A)
answered Apr 7, 2014 by sharmaaparna1

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