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The graph of PV v/s T is plotted for $Co_2,H_2$ and $N_2$ samples of equal masses Then the correct statement is

$(A)\; 3 \;corresponds \;to \;Co_2,2 \;to\;1\;to\;N_2\\ (B)\; 3\; corresponds \;to\;H_2,2 \;to\;N_2,H_0 \\ (C) \;3 \;corresponds\; to\; N_2,2 \;to\;H_2,1\;toCO_2 \\ (D)\;none $

1 Answer

For any ideal gas $PV=nRT$
the graph of PV vs T is like y=mX
Where m is the slope
$\therefore m \propto n$, lesser the molar mass , more is the no of moles, and more is the slope of graph
$\Rightarrow H_2$ has the highest slope then $N_2$ then $CO_2$
answered May 2, 2014 by meena.p
edited Aug 9, 2014 by balaji.thirumalai

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