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Prove that \[\] $2.7^n+3.5^n-5$ is divisible by 24, for all $n \in N$.

1 Answer

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Let the statement $P(n)$ be defined as
$P(n) : 2.7^n+3.5^n-5$ is divisible by 24
We note that $P(n)$ is true when $n=1$, since $2.7+3.5-5=24$, which is divisible by 24.
Assume that $P(k)$ is true.
i.e., $2.7^k+3.5^k-5=24q$ when $q \in N$------------(1)
Now, we wish to prove that $P(k+1)$ is true whenever $P(k)$ is true.
We have
$ = 7 \times 24q-21.5^k+35+15.5^k-5$
$ = 7 \times 24q - 6.5^k+30$
$ = 7 \times 24q - 6(5^k-5)$
$ = 7 \times 24q-6(4p) [ (5^k-5)$ is a multiple of 4 (why ?) ]
$ = 7 \times 24q-24p$
$ = 24(7q-p)$
$ = 24 \times r; r =7q-p$, is some natural number-----------(2)
The expression on the R.H.S of (1) is divisible by 24. Thus $P(k+1)$ is true whenever $P(k)$ is true.
Hence, by principle of mathematical induction , $P(n)$ is true for all $n \in N$.
answered May 3, 2014 by thanvigandhi_1

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