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Zirconium phosphate $\;[Zr_{3}(PO_{4})_{4}]\;$ dissociates into three zirconium cations of charge +4 and four phosphate anions of charge -3 . If molar solubility of zirconium phosphate is denoted by S and its solubility product by $\;K_{sp}\;$ then which of the following relationship between $\;S\;$ and $\;K_{sp}\;$ is correct ?

$(a)\;\normalsize S=\{ \large\frac{K_{sp}}{(6912)^{\large\frac{1}{7}}}\}\qquad(b)\;\normalsize S=\{\large\frac{K_{sp}}{144}\}^{\large\frac{1}{7}}\qquad(c)\;\normalsize S=\{\large\frac{K_{sp}}{6912}\}^{\large\frac{1}{7}}\qquad(d)\;\normalsize S=\{\large\frac{K_{sp}}{144}\}^{7}$

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