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A retired person has 70000 to invest and two types of bonds are available in the market for investment. First type of bond yields an annual income of 8% on the amount invested and the second type of bond yields 10% per annum. As per norms, he has to invest minimum of 10000 in the first type and not more than 30000 in the second type. How should he plan his investment, so as to get maximum return after one year of investment. Make it an L.P.P. and solve the above problem.

1 Answer

P (total amount)=7000 N (time duration)=1 R1(rate)=8% R2(rate)=10% First invast 30000 in R2 rate(max) I=PR2N ÷100 I=30000*10*1÷100 I=3000 Now invast left 40000 in R2 rate I=PR2N÷100 I=40000*8*1÷100 I=3200 Total interest=3000+3200=6200 It is max interest at this rates.......
answered Jul 28, 2017 by yashingrodiya1212

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