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Analysis shows that nickel oxide has the formula $Ni_{0.98}O$. What fractions of the nickel exist as $Ni^{2+}$ and $Ni^{3+}$ ions?

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1 Answer

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98 Ni atoms are associated with 100 O-atom. Out of 98 Ni atoms, suppose Ni present as $Ni^{2+} = x$
Then Ni present as $Ni^{3+} = 98 – x$
Total charge on $xNi^{2+}$ and $(98 – x)Ni^{3+}$ should be equal to charge n $100O^{2−}$. Hence
$x \times 2 + (98 – x) \times 3 = 100 \times 2$
$2x + 294 – 3x = 200$
x = 94
Fraction of Ni present as $Ni^{2+ }=\large\frac{94}{98}$$\times 100=96\%$
Fraction of Ni present as $Ni^{3+ }=\large\frac{4}{98}$$\times 100=4\%$
Hence (A) is the correct answer.
answered Jun 3, 2014 by sreemathi.v
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