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One litre of sea water weighs 1030 g and contains about $6 \times 10^{–3}g$ of dissolved $O_2$. What will be the concentration of dissolved oxygen in ppm?

1 Answer

Mass of $O_2$ in mg = $6 \times 10^{–3}g \times 10^3 mg/g = 6mg$
ppm of O2 in 1030 g sea water =$\large\frac{Mass \;of \;O_2\; in\; mg}{mass\;of\;sea\;water\;in\;kg}=\frac{6}{(1030/1000)kg}$
$\Rightarrow \large\frac{6\times 1000}{1030}$$=5.8ppm$
Hence (A) is the correct answer.
answered Jun 6, 2014 by sreemathi.v

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