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The solubility of a substance in water is 40. What is the maximum amount of solute required to prepare a saturated solution with 50g of water?

1 Answer

Solubility = S = 40
Amount of solute ($w_1)$ = ?
Amount of water = amount of solvent $(w_2)$ = 50g
We know that solubility =S=$\large\frac{w_1}{w_2}$$\times 100$
Amount of solute $w_1=\large\frac{S\times w_2}{100}$----(1)
Substituting the above values in equation (1), we get
Amount of solute=$W_1=\large\frac{40\times 50}{100}$$=5\times 4=20$
The amount of solute required to prepare the saturated solution is 20g.
answered Jun 9, 2014 by sreemathi.v

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